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Boat Lane Tracking
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Sure-Path is a new system for tracking the position of a tournament waterski boat within the boat lane of the slalom or jump course, accurately and in real time.

The ability for a boat driver to see a graphical representation of the path the boat has just taken is an invaluable aid, both before and during competition. Every boat is different and sits differently in the water. Until now, the driver has had to rely on an observer in the boat or judges watching endcourse video to provide that essential feedback for fine tuning.

Sure-Path now allows unprecendented accuracy (typically +/- 1cm) in the boat's position in real time. This offers tournament judges the possibility of making quick and confident decisions on re-rides. Up until now, challenges to the boat path have meant that judges have had to replay endcourse video which not only takes time but is difficult to base confident decisions on. Sure-Path gives instant readouts of boat deviation throughout the course in an easily scrollable graphical display making the judges task infinitely easier.

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