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13th July 2021 - Latest Judging Application Released
The Judging Application has been updated (version 2.6.0) to include support for Jump. Visit here to download.

10th May 2021 - New Export Formats for Data Transfer Utility
The Data Transfer Utility can now export in two new formats:
  • .hom file format is the native format used by Emmanuel Lion's Waterski Homologation software. Therefore the program can open the exported file directly without having to go through the intermediate process of copying/pasting via Microsoft Excel. See here for more information.
  • .kml file format is the one supported by Google Earth and Google Maps. See Google documentation on how to import a KML file as an overlay. An interesting note here...Google Maps Satellite View has an accuracy of around 2 metres when comparing displayed and actual GPS coordinates (this is not the same as the accuracy of your GPS device when shown in Google Maps). This means that although Sure-Path and Google use the same Datum set (WGS84), you may well see an offset between the kml markers and the buoys you can see in your satellite view. Below is an example kml overlay showing the slalom entrance gates and the first two turn buoys.

6th April 2021 - Latest Judging Application Released
The Judging Application has been updated (version 2.5.3). Minor tweaks with the scoring integration. Visit here to download.

27th March 2021 - Latest Judging Application Released
The Judging Application has been updated (version 2.5.3). Minor tweaks with the scoring integration. Visit here to download.

18th January 2021 - Latest Judging Application Released
The Judging Application has been updated (version 2.5) to reflect the new Waterski Rule 8.15. Visit here to download.

28th December 2020 - New Rule 8.15 Implemented
In December 2020, the IWWF Waterski Council approved changes to Waterski Rule 8.15. These changes come into force in February 2021.

In 2020, the new GPS based boat path measurement systems allowed an enormous amount of boat path data to be collected under practice and tournament conditions. This in turn allowed a more robust approach to measuring and utilising boat deviations to be developed resulting in the recent Rule changes.

Sure-Path version 2.0.0 implements the new Rule and has been released ahead of the enforcement date so that drivers and officials have time to get used to the new system ahead of the northern hemisphere 2021 season. Sure-Path has provisional approval for tournament use in Europe and PanAm but southern hemisphere users should only use the new version "unofficially" until the enactment date. The previous version 1.5.3 is still available to those users who wish to use it officially under the current Rule.

9th September 2020 - Buoy Locator function introduced
New "Buoy Locator" function added. In this mode, the distance and direction to any buoy selected in Survey Mode can be displayed and used to "find" the buoy. This is particularly useful in climates where skiing sites are regularly frozen over during the winter months and it is common practice to remove floating buoys in the Autumn so that only sub buoys remain or the course is allowed to sink to the bottom. In Spring, this mode allows the user to locate again the exact position of any required buoy.

20th August 2020 - Provisional Approval for Tournament
The European Confederation has given provisional approval for Sure-Path to be used in European Ranking List and Record Capability Tournaments under certain conditions. This approval is valid until Dec 31st 2020.

For full approval, Sure-Path needs to be run side by side with an existing approved boat path measurement system at two more sanctioned events. Obviously the pandemic has limited the availability of these events in 2020 and so we have not been able to go through this process yet, but we hope to be able to complete this before the end of this year.

Under the provisional approval, Sure-Path can be used as a boat path measurement system subject to the following:

  • End Course Video MUST be recorded and submitted according to the Rules.
  • End Course Video DOES NOT need to be monitored at the Judging Tower.
  • The scorer's computer MUST be connected to the internet and WaterSkiConnect enabled in the scoring sytem so that there is a live link betwen Sure-Path and the scoring system.
  • Rerides MUST be given according to the results from Sure-Path for BOTH individual and cumulative deviation.
  • Cumulative deviation must be in tolerance at all buoys up to and including the skier's score.
  • The boat path must be monitored in the Judging Tower (the Sure-Path Judging application may be used for this purpose). According to the rules the decision on rerides will be taken by the Chief Judge and the Judge appointed to monitor the Boat Path.

Floating Courses
The Gates are mapped before the event starts using the Sure-Path rover antenna. All reported deviations are based
on differences from this mapping. If the course moves from this original position due to wind, current, or the
movement of the boat, then the reported deviations will be incorrect.
It is responsibility of the Chief Judge and Homologator:
  • That the course used is of a design and installation that it remains in tolerance throughout the competition.
  • That if during the competition the course is not in tolerance then that should be noted in the dossier and appropriate action taken regarding the use of Sure-Path.
  • That if the Chief Judge and Homologator believe that the course design and installation is not suitable for use with Sure-Path then they must ensure that Sure-Path is not used. If this is the case the End Course Video must be available at the Jury Tower and monitored as required by the rules.

For further guidance on using Sure-Path in tournament, see here.

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