Pricing - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking

Boat Lane Tracking
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Depending on the shipping address, billing is in GBP, USD or Euros.

    • Standard Sure-Path System: GBP 1,600.00 (USD 2,150.00 / EUR 1,950.00) + shipping.
    • Additional Rover (for additional boats): GBP 700.00 (USD 950.00 / EUR 860.00)

The Standard system assumes data telemetry via our cloud server using the connectivity options in the android phones.

Some sites however, may not have 3G/4G coverage and may need a set of radio modems or even a WiFi setup. If you have special requirements, please contact us and we can discuss your options.

To place an order, we will require a deposit of USD 650.00 (EUR 600.00 / GBP 500.00) and the balance payable 1 week before delivery.

The price includes all hardware (as detailed on the System Requirements page) and software excluding any SIM cards required and their associated data plans. Shipping is via international courier and will be added to the price. Import duty/taxes may be payable at the point of entry of the destination country and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Support and updates are free for 12 months from the date of delivery.

Payment is via bank transfer (preferred), or by PayPal if you wish to pay by card.

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