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Base App Settings Menu
Server URL
Default: "".
The network url or IP address of the server used as a relay point between Base phone and Rover phone.
Server Port
Default: 50010
The TCP port used at the server. If Server Type is NTRIP Caster then the port is usually 2101.
Server Type
Default: TCP Raw (Sure-Path)
Other Options:
  • TCP Raw - no longer used
  • NTRIP Caster - Use this if you are connecting to an NTRIP Caster service. In this instance you are usually running your own server with NTRIP Caster software installed (such as SNIP) or you have a subscription to a paid service.
NTRIP/TCP Mountpoint
All data relay servers use a user friendly name to distinguish between RTK bases supplying data. This is the "Mountpoint" and is assigned to you by the NTRIP Caster service provider.

This also needs to be set correctly when using the TCP Raw (Sure-Path) option so that the Sure-Path server correctly routes Base data to the appropriate Rovers. For Sure-Path customers it is pre-configured.
NTRIP User Name
Commercial NTRIP servers require an account to receive base data. This is the Username for the account. It is not required for the Sure-Path server.
NTRIP/TCP Password
For both commercial NTRIP servers and the Sure-Path server, this is required. For Sure-Path customers it is pre-configured.
Bluetooth Device
The Bluetooth ID of the Sure-Path RTK Base receiver. The receiver must have been Bluetooth "paired" using the phone's settings page before it will appear as an available ID in this list.
Check for Update...
The App always checks for updates each time it starts but you can click this item to force a check and to do a forced re-install if required.
Displays the app's version number and a link to the version history.
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