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Boat Lane Tracking
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Integrating with Scoring Software
Sure-Path can communicate with and integrate with the two main scoring applications, WSTIMS and Waterski Scoring (Lion).

This is achieved by all interested software sharing data via an online server called WaterskiConnect. Any application can login to the server and register with an "Event Name" and "Event Sub ID" and can then send messages to the server. The server will then distribute those messages to all other applications which have logged in under the same "Event Name/Event Sub ID". Applications can filter out messages they are not interested in and act on those that are relevant to them.

To setup the Sure-Path rover to work with this system, do the following:

  • Select Boat Lane Mode
  • Open the menu and select "Boat Lane Settings"
  • Set "Event Name" to something unique to your site or event. It MUST be the same as is set in the scoring software, otherwise as far as the server is concerned, they are different events. If it is a sanctioned tournament, this should be the IWWF sanction ID for the event in the form YYNOCxxxx where YY is the year, NOC is the country ID and xxxx is a numeric identifier, eg "21GBR1521". If not a sanctioned event, then the Event Name can be anything you wish and which is likely to be unique to you or the site.
  • Set "Event Sub ID" to be blank unless you are running more than one lake simultaneously and want to score both at the same time with separate scoring computers. Again, if you do use this feature, it MUST match exactly what is set in the scoring software.
  • Set "Scoring Mode" to "WaterskiConnect". This establishes the connection to the WaterskiConnect server and Sure-Path can start sending and receiving messages.

Privacy issues

For sanctioned events, we want to avoid non authorised persons who may know the sanction ID to be able to connect to WaterskiConnect, receive boat path data and misuse it in some way. Therefore there is a privacy mechanism built in to the WaterskiConnect connection process. All applications except the scoring software and the boat path measuring software are required to provide a PIN number as part of the connection process. The PIN is only displayed in the scoring software and therefore disclosure of the PIN can be controlled by the scorer and/or chief judge.

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