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Boat Lane Tracking
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Onshore Viewing of Deviation/Timing Data
Sure-Path can transmit deviation and timing data at the end of each pass to a receiving application running on a Windows PC.

The installer for the Sure-Path Judging application (version 2.7.5) can be downloaded here. Your browser may well warn you about "unsafe downloads" but continue anyway. After downloading the installer file, follow the instructions below:

  1. Run the installer and follow any prompts. If the blue Microsoft Defender Smartscreen pops up, click "More info" and then "Run anyway".  Anti Virus software may also need some reassuring!  If you are still having difficulty running the program under Windows 10, then go to Add an Exclusion to Windows Security.  Please contact us if you are concerned about the safety of the downloaded files.
  2. Run the program either from the Start menu or from the desktop shortcut if you opted for that during the install process.
  3. If Sure-Path is not integrating with the scoring software:
    1. Set the Scoring Server to "Sure-Path".
    2. Set the Event Name to something sensible and unique to you or your lake.
  4. If Sure-Path is integrating with the scoring software:
    1. Set the Scoring Server to "WaterSkiConnect"
    2. Set the Event Name to the tournament's sanction ID in the form YYNOCxxx where YY is the year, NOC is the country code and xxx is the numeric identifier for the competition. This MUST be set the same as in the scoring program.
    3. If you are using more than one lake at the same tournament site, use one of the Event Sub ID options to differentiate between them, eg "Lake 1", "Lake 2" etc. Otherwise leave Event Sub ID blank. Again, this setting must be the same on the Rover phone and the Judging/Scoring applications.
    4. If you are using the WaterskiConnect server and the Event Name is an official sanction ID, the Judging application will require a PIN number. Ask the official scorer for the PIN required for the day. The PIN is only visible in the scoring software and changes event to event. This mechanism ensures that only authorised users are able to view the boat deviation and timing data remotely.
  5. Click the Connect button.

On the Rover phone, the Scoring Server, Event Name and Event Sub ID must match the settings on the Windows applications!

If the Judging app is using the Sure-Path server, set the Scoring Mode in the Rover phone to "Sure-Path". If the Judging application is using the WaterskiConnect server, set the Scoring Mode in the Rover phone to "WaterskiConnect". No PIN is required in the Rover app.

If connection to the scoring server is successful, deviation and timing data will be visible at the end of each pass. In the case of scoring integration, the judging application will also display the driver, skier, boat speed and rope length as these are changed in the scoring software.

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