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Boat Lane Tracking
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Version History (Sure-Path Base)
1.2.6 (21 Feb 2023)
  • Connection watchdog timer frequency increased so that a loss of connection is picked up quicker.
1.2.5 (27 Jun 2022)
  • A change in UBlox firmware meant that initiating a Self Survey was not always successful. Now fixed.
1.2.3 (16 Nov 2020)
  • App title now shows the last survey uploaded to or saved from a base receiver. Note:This will NOT necessarily reflect the survey data in the receiver when you first connect to a different base receiver.
  • Added ability to delete a Base survey file.
  • Fixed some bugs with respect to using the base as a "server" on a local (WiFi) network.
  • Added "Version History" to About dialog
  • Greatly simplified procedures for carrying out base "self surveys" and reloading previously saved surveys.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
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