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Boat Lane Tracking
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Version History (Sure-Path Rover)
2.4.5 (09 April 2024)
  • Jump Survey: New IDs implemented for video measurement buoys. "A" to "P" now "Vi1" to Vi8" and "Vo1" to "Vo8".
  • Added new function "Check Internet...".
2.4.4 (26 March 2024)
  • Jump survey and "Full Homologation" now use the new X/Y Axes and tolerances.
  • Jump Boat Lane centreline is calculated using only ST15 and MT15 buoys (ie no 19s are used).
  • Earlier update erroneously removed the ability to set the Sure-Path Server URL to a local IP address in cases where rover and base connect directly over a local network. This has been restored by Setting "RTK Error Source" to "Local Network" and then the IP address of the local base station can be entered.
  • Bug Fix: Slalom Drop buoys (DB1 & DB2) now being mapped correctly.
  • Event Name is now limited to 20 characters to avoid a limit within WaterskiConnect.
  • Some screen layout tweaks.
2.4.3 (12 February 2024)
  • Corrected Boat Lane Mode display so that Dual Course selectors are visible again.
2.4.2 (22 January 2024)
  • Restructured menu items on main screen and in Boat Lane mode to simplify and improve clarity.
  • Added 8 more video fields for Jump survey (letters I to P).</li>
  • Added 2 more slalom fields for "skier drop buoys" (labelled DB1 and DB2).
  • Improved the visibility in bright light of some dialogs.
  • Improved visibility of Driver Name and Course Name in Boat Lane Mode (now on separate lines).
  • Current GPS & Network Settings Profile (if applicable) now displayed on main screen.
  • Event Sub ID can now only be blank or one of 5 options selectable from a drop down list (Lake 1-5).
  • In Survey Mode, gate camera heights are now shown. The camera height/distance-from-gate ratio will indicate whether the camera is at sufficient height for judging purposes.
2.4.1 (07 August 2023)
  • Implemented a "Driver Login" for registered drivers. This is in preparation for the new Drivers Portal (<a href=></a>) where registered users can view their data.
  • Jump summary now includes "CUT" and "FLIGHT" values. These are the NT => MT and MT => ET differentials which give an indication of how the boat is moving in those two critical areas. This display can be turned On/Off in Boat Lane Settings.
  • Couple of minor bugs fixed in the slalom full homologation check.
  • Numerous tidy-ups in the user interface.
2.4.0 (24 April 2023)
  • A full homologation check can now be performed for Slalom.
  • Tolerance indications corrected/updated for Jump survey.
2.3.9 (06 March 2023)
  • Users can now save and retrieve "GPS & Network Settings" Profiles.
  • Now supports the "Who is in the Room" request from WaterskiConnect.
2.3.8 (24 January 2023)
  • In Jump Survey Mode, code tweaked so that when using R-S to calculate jump angle, in-tolerance values should always show as being between 1 and 2.5 regardless of whether R-S was mapped from the jump side shoreline or course side. Previously, if R-S was mapped from jump side, in-tolerance values would be in the range -177.5 to -179.
  • In Jump Survey Mode, Video Jump Buoys and Jump Anchor Buoys now display their position relative to the jump centre line. This is just for ease of finding anchors.
  • Re-ordered the GPS & Network Settings list for greater clarity.
2.3.7 (28 November 2022)
  • In Slalom Survey Mode, changed the way the "ideal" course is calculated so that any difference from the defined length of 259 metres is split evenly between entrance and exit gates. This will mean that tolerances shown in Sure-Path will be closer to those shown in formal homologation programs. Note however that for Boat Lane Tracking purposes, everything still starts at the actual entrance gate.
  • Internal tweaks to support the transfer of passes to the new Desktop Viewer application.
2.3.6 (27 September 2022)
  • Tweaked the code to ensure boat lane recording stops if the boat leaves the defined boat lane in Jump.
  • Jump validation now uses the M180 buoy instead of the M150.
  • Created a bit more screen space prior to the Pre-Gates in Slalom Boat Lane Tracking for those who like to line up early.
  • Another attempt at fixing the "loss of registration" issue experienced by a small number of devices.
2.3.5 (15 August 2022)
  • Internal changes to make sending of homologation files to a PC more reliable.
  • Some tweaks to communications with the WaterskiConnect server.
  • Some internal changes to hopefully fix a problem where the app could lose its registration status.
2.3.4 (28 July 2022)
  • Bug Fix: Zone readings out of tolerance were wrongly showing as re-rides.
2.3.3 (11 July 2022)
  • Internal tweaks to do with Driver Name reporting.
2.3.2 (27 June 2022)
  • Added support for shore based marker (R-S) for Jump Ramp angle. This is called R-Shore Mark in the Lion software.
  • R1, R2 and R markers renamed to R1-I, R2-O and R-C respectively to correllate with the Lion software nomenclature (R1-Inner, R2-Outer and R-Center).
  • Fixed bug where not all fields were being transferred via the rover to rover file transfer mechanism.
2.3.1 (26 May 2022)
  • New Boat Path tolerances applied (Rule 8.15). Use latest version of Judging Application (2.7.1).
  • New mode for setting out a slalom or jump course from scratch: From Survey Mode (Slalom or Jump), select "Stakeout Mode...". For Slalom, map where the entrance gate centre should be and then map a second point giving the "direction" towards the exit gates. For Jump, either map where ST15 or ST19 should be and a second point giving the "direction" along the course. Sure-Path will then populate all buoy positions. A combination of the Buoy Locator function and the Buoy Check function will then allow the user to locate and place anchors.
  • Buoy Check function now shows offsets using the standard "crosshairs" display.
  • Order of "available buoys" precedence changed when calculating a jump boat lane centreline. More info...
  • New survey points added for Jump: HX, AN1, AN2, AN3 and AN4. HX is an onshore point for obtaining jump angle and AN1-AN4 are jump anchor points.
  • Added graphic to Jump Boat Lane Tracking showing the longitudinal position of the jump ramp.
  • New Rule 8.15 (effective 16th March 2022) now implemented. Note that the app initially defaults to "Record Capable" tolerances. "Ranking List" tolerances can be set in Boat Lane Settings.
  • New option to always show Zone values in the Slalom End of Pass Summary (previously Zone values were only shown when out of tolerance).
  • Use this version in conjunction with the latest version of the Judging application (2.7.0).
  • Added new "averaging" functionality to course survey. When a buoy is mapped, multiple readings are now taken (10 per second) over a preset interval and then averaged. This not only minimises the inherent errors of the technology (+/- 1-2cm) but also minimises the effects of the buoy moving due to proximity of the boat, swimmer etc. The interval over which readings are taken can be user defined to suit different environments or circumstances. A starting point of 5 seconds is recommended but if you have the patience, using longer time periods can give even more accuracy. The preset interval or "Mapping Duration" can be set from the Survey Mode menu. Using a setting of 0 will force instant mapping readings as in previous versions.
  • Fixed bug in CSV export.
  • Issue with re-ride reporting corrected (when a mandatory re-ride situation followed an optional re-ride situation in the same pass, the re-ride was erroneously being called as mandatory).
  • Some modifications under the hood to support Jump in the Judging Application.
  • Fixed bug where some rovers would not display a complete breadcrumb trail even with no loss of Fix mode.
  • Fixed bug where some rover receivers with a particular firmware were not tracking the boat path under certain circumstances.
  • Added "Age" display to Boat Lane Tracking Mode.
  • Some tweaks and improvements to displays in Survey Mode.
  • Homologation export now includes Trick surveys.
  • Internal changes to support the updated Data Transfer Utility which can now export .hom and .kml files as well as .csv files. See web site for further information.
  • Minor tweaks to scoring messaging services.
  • Fixed bug in Jump Video UDP export.
  • Added ability to delete individual pass files.
  • When listing boat lane pass files, the driver name for each file is now listed if it exists. This slows up the listing process considerably but hopefully won't be too annoying.
  • Minor tweaks in scoring integration code.
  • Removed NT buoys from Jump Survey mode.
  • Button added for doing pre-tournament dimensional checks for Slalom and Jump.
  • Button added which will display the difference betrween a buoy's current position and its previously surveyed position. This is intended to be used for spot checks during a tournament.
  • "Event Sub ID" setting added for scoring purposes. This allows multiple lakes at the same site to be used simultaneously and scored correctly.
  • Updated some displays in survey mode:
    • Added axial widths for gate and ski buoys for use in doing pre-tournament checks.
    • Added axial width for end-course camera position. Removed angle display for same.
  • Deviations now shown in Boat Lane Jump mode.
  • Summary screen now shown at end of Jump pass.
  • Audible warnings now given at user defineable width.
  • Some internal changes to support a desktop database.
  • New Rule 8.15 implemented. This comes into effect 02 Feb 2021. If used for tournament before that date, please see Confederation guidance first. Please also download and install the latest version of the Judging application.
  • Driver selection can now be done in the app as well as from the scoring software if linked.
  • Bug in Jump 3rd segment time now fixed.
  • Separated out Sure-Path and NTRIP Mountpoints and Passwords. This means that to switch between using a Sure-Path base and a public base, just the "RTK Error Source" setting needs to be toggled.
  • When using a public NTRIP corrections source and setting the NTRIP Mountpoint, the app now automatically retrieves a list of available Mountpoints to choose from.
  • You can no longer use ECs for mapping a jump course since often these are not positioned particularly accurately. See FAQs for more information on which buoys are used for mapping.
  • Replay speeds can now be set to 50%, 100%, 150%, 200% and 300%.
  • Bug when switching to "Course B" fixed.
  • Some display items tweaked:
    • In Boat Lane Mode, the header shows the course selected plus the driver name.
    • In Survey Mode, gate buoy axial widths are displayed as a check against the homologation survey.
  • Many other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Bug in Jump Video UDP export fixed.
  • Some improvements to the Slalom boat lane display.
  • Added ability to revert to previously installed version (useful if there is an unexpected bug in the latest  version).
  • Some internal re-organisation and minor bug fixes.
  • Introduced a "Buoy Locator" function (accessed from the Survey Mode menu). In this mode, distance and direction to whichever buoy is selected in Survey Mode is displayed. This allows the user to "find" a course after the winter or just to check whether any particular buoy has moved since last homologated.
  • Introduced a "Scatter" diagram (accessed from the main screen menu). This allows you to get a good measure of the accuracy of the system's GPS readings. If the overall spread of readings over say a 1 minute interval is within a 1cm radius, this indicates that any individual reading is within a centimetre accuracy. Ensure the antenna stays stationary whilst taking readings.

    Unfortunately this feature is only available on receivers shipped after 1st September 2020 (or factory reconfigured).
  • More scoring integration.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Slalom Survey Mode: Added display of course length when entrance and exit gates have been mapped.
  • Jump Survey Mode: Added video measurement buoys.
  • Internal restructuring to avoid the apparent inexplicable loss of survey data.
  • Experimental: Introduced the concept of a "Pylon Antenna Offset". This allows the boat antenna to be mounted off centre (and more out of the way from flying handles and/or people) and the offset compensated for within the software. See Boat Lane Settings.
  • More scoring integration.
  • More scoring integration
  • Bug fixes
  • More scoring integration
  • Minor bug fix in scoring integration
  • Added some scoring integration
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Jump Survey Mode:
    • Ramp angle now shown (fields R1 & R2)
    • Distance offsets shown for field R
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Simplified loading of boat lane courses. In Boat Lane mode, removed "Load File..." followed by "Set As Boat Lane A/B" and replaced with just "Select Course A/B".
  • Added option to have one or two courses available as a toggle (simplifies single lake sites).
  • Removed automatic loading of previously used homologation file. Instead, user is prompted the first time Survey Mode is selected.
  • Added ability to transfer homologation files from rover to rover phones.
  • Removed user setting "Boat Track Smoothing Factor". Now fixed internally.
  • Removed "Show Full Stats" boat lane menu item. Now fixed at "Off"
  • Relabelled "Course 1" and "Course 2" to "Course A" and "Course B".
  • Bug Fix: Course bearing displayed wrong when in Survey Jump Mode.
  • The "Hobe Lake" bug fixed (see 1.3.3)
  • Bug Fix: Jump homologation giving wrong "offsets from ideal" for MTs, ETs and ECs.
  • GPS status indicator added to End of Pass summary panel.
  • GPS status indicators now colour coded:
    • Red: GPS only - no error data from Base available
    • Yellow: DGPS or Float - error data from Base available but Rover not yet reached full RTK Fix.
    • Green: Full RTK Fix mode enabling course mapping and boat lane tracking.
  • Previous "fix" undone (it introduced another problem).
  • App icon updated
  • Fixed bug which only showed when mapped course is almost exactly north/south (thank you Hobe Lake Club).
  • Corrected a misinterpretation of the deviation rules. Optional re-rides now NOT indicated in circumstances where deviation is greater than 20cm for periods when the boat is outside of the -10m to +10m range on each ski buoy.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added "version history" screen.
  • Boat Lane Tracking
    • New - two modes for showing deviations introduced. "Tournament" mode show deviations and cumulatives as normal as per the Rules. "Training" mode show deviations at or within 0.1s of the boat being at the guide buoys. Indications of whether a pass would be OK in tournament and training modes MAY NOT MATCH.
    • When not in "Tournament" mode, only the actual two readings used for deviation at each buoy are coloured blue.
    • Re-instated "Offset" reading on End of Pass panel.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Boat Lane Tracking
    • Individual deviation readings that may contribute to deviation measurements "at the buoy" are coloured blue (the highest two readings towards the skier within the 20 metre area are averaged).
  • Boat Lane Tracking
    • Added markers to show 10 metres before and 10 metres after each ski buoy to indicate over what area deviations are being measured.
    • Enlarged size of End-of-Pass summary screen and increased font sizes
    • Added option to only show a "pylon" position indicator instead of an image of a tournament boat.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
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